''Life is like a flower, it blooms in colors only if you water it.'' A.D.

Hacked Instagram account!


Dear Friends,

Please note that my Instagram account anna_dohnanska_art has been hacked! The scammer deleted all my facial and body pictures, pics of my family and friends and took it over (stole) completely! It looks like my account is active... the scammer is reposting the pictures of my paintings, adding comments and pretending it is me, however, I do not have any access to it!!! I keep on reporting this to Instagram, but so far no help.

Please do not respond to any messages from this account, do not like or comment and please Report this account!!!

Thank you,


Artbox.Project 4.0
24-28 August at the SWISSARTEXPO 🇨🇭🎨

Featured in the British VOGUE magazine :)

(May - July 2022) 

Solo art exhibition at Schroders Luxembourg (May - June 2022)

SEMI-FINALIST of the ARTBOX PROJECT Zurich 3.0 with my painting "Wedding Day".

Many thanks to the ARTBOX PROJECTS team!


Artbox Gallery 04/01 -31/03 2021 

Postponed exhibition:

Collective exhibition at Foyer Europeen - December 2019

My participation in the Artbox Project Zurich 1.0 (15. - 19. August 2019)

"Unbearable Lightness of Being" is on the way ✈️ to California to participate in the Art Auction Event at the City Club Los Angeles, organized by the artist Kim Rose and her art business Kim Rose Art in order to help and support children in Mexico.
It's my great pleasure to participate as a featured artist and contribute with my painting to such a meaningful cause. 

16 November 2018 - Collective Exhibition at Foyer Europeen, Luxembourg

Solo Art Exhibition June 2018 at Plezuro Luxembourg

Solo Art Exhibition April - May 2018 at Tatties Luxembourg (pastel paintings and reproductions of original oil paintings exhibited)

Honored and grateful to have been a part of the Artbox Project during the Armory Artweeks, having had my paintings exhibited at Stricoff Gallery, New York, March 2018

  • three artworks exhibited (Sunset Blues, Sunrise Greens & Daydreaming)

  • As a member of WHO'S WHO art club international I am delighted to contribute with the reproduction of my painting "Sunset Blues" to the SAM 2017 catalogue:

Solo Art Exhibition at the European Court of Auditors in Luxembourg 04.09. 2017 - 30.09. 2017

  • The Artbox Project Basel, June 2017


Work in progress