''An artist is somebody incredibly patient from outside with a restless spirit inside.'' A.D.

ANNA DOHNANSKA, a self-taught artist, was born in Slovakia in Trencin. Though she studied and became a teacher of English Language and Philosophy, after she moved to Luxembourg in 2008, she rediscovered her ''lust for painting''. Since November 2017 she has been enjoying her artistic journey as an art instructor at Foyer Europeen in Luxembourg.

Anna's work is inspired either by a pure, realistic ''down to the earth'' beauty (Art Classic), or by transcendental endless images (Art Deco), expressing the universal eternity. She uses oil, pastel, acrylic and genuine gold leaf techniques, while richness of colors is one of the most dominant features of her paintings.

''I give to my paintings most of myself: my ideas, patience, emotions, time and sleepless nights.''


  • Collective Exhibition at Foyer Europeen, Luxembourg, 16 November - 16 December 2018 (3 paintings exhibited)
  • Solo Art Exhibition 09 -30 June 2018 at PLEZURO Luxembourg (23 paintings exhibited)

  • Solo Art Exhibition April - May 2018 at Tatties Luxembourg (pastel paintings and reproductions of original oil paintings exhibited)
  • Artbox Project, Armory Artweeks, Stricoff Gallery, New York March 2018 - three artworks exhibited (Sunset Blues, Sunrise Greens & Daydreaming)
  • Solo Art Exhibition 04 - 30 September 2017 at the European Court of Auditors, Luxembourg (17 paintings exhibited)

  • Artbox Project Basel June 2017 - two artworks exhibited (Daydreaming & Sunset Blues)

  • European Arts Forum in Brussels 28 - 30 November 2015 - selected as a participant with my work ''Butterfly Effect'

  • Solo Art Exhibition 01 - 31 March 2015 at the European Court of Auditors, Luxembourg (21 paintings exhibited)